SR2020 ROE Guide

                                                                            by Ruges

Below is a picture of the Defense/Defense Condition sub-panel. Descriptions A through E display the different settings available for the H, I and J buttons. Your units will adopt this selected behavoir whenever the Defense Minister AI has control of them.


Figure 2 below is a picture of the Defense/ROE sub-panel. Button 'L' in both Figures 2 and 3 toggles AI control of the unit(s). "Locked" indicates that the minister is "locked-out" or denied control of the unit(s). A greyed-out opened lock indicates that the AI has control and a light colored closed lock means that the AI is "locked out" of control.

In Figure 2, button 'M' controls whether units should attack targets of opportunity. When it is locked units selected with the 'Y' buttons should only attack the type of targets that you specify, instead of every target of opportunity that they spot.

Button 'N' toggles the units between stealth and active mode. If the units have a higher stealth rating then it will be harder for the enemy to spot them on the map, making it possible for your units to advance without being spotted by the enemy. Stealth units can even shoot at an enemy without the target being able to tell where it is getting shot from. However units will not capture land when in stealth mode.

Button '0' controls whether a unit will Auto load missles according to the targeting role selected by the Y buttons in Figure 3.

Again, as with all of the buttons above, a grey color indicates that it is "Off" but when colored indicates that it is activated and "On".

If you click the 'P' button once then all of the settings in picture 2 will be applied to all of your current and future units. However if you have the 'Z' button toggled in Figure 3 then the ROE will not be applied to that or those units.

Button 'Q' performs the same function as 'P', except that the new ROEs are ony applied to future units.

Button 'R' shows what speed your units should be traveling at - a faster setting will use more fuel but the unit will move at a higher speed. A slower setting will conserve fuel but the unit will not travel as fast.

The 'S' button controls what sort of path a unit should take to reach its destination. Hovering your mouse over the button displays an explination of each pathing selection.

The 'T' button is the unit's war initiative. Don't confuse this with the initiative in Figure 1. War initiative basically tells the unit whether it should engage enemies or not. You usually should set this to "High" because when on the "Low" setting your units might not be motivated enough to defend themselves when they encounter an attacking enemy.

The 'U' button controls whether unit will pursue an enemy once it has engaged it or else continue on its original orders.

The 'V' button controls how much damage the unit will withstand before it retreats. On the lower settings it will fall back sooner, and on the highest setting it might fight to the death.


Figure 3 below is the Unit Command tab. When you have some units selected, the 'X' button will appear. Also displayed is the Individual ROE sub-panel. From this sub-panel you can adjust all of the settings that you could in Figure 2 but on a customized single unit, multiple unit or battle-group basis. Just like in Figure 2 you can push the corresponding 'L' button to lock or unlock your minister from controlling the specific unit(s).

The 'Y' buttons show what type of targets the unit(s) should engage. There are five types of targets in the game: Land, Air, Surface ship, Subs and Buildings. The sixth Nuclear button enables the unit(s) to deploy and launch nuclear weapons.

In Figure 3 the Land and Air buttons are highlighted. This means the units I have selected will go after only Air and Land targets. The surface ship Icon is partially greyed-out indicating that the selected unit(s) are able to attack this type of tsrget but it are not selected to do so.

You will also notice that the sub, building and nuke icon are completly greyed out. This is because the units that I have selected don't have those capabilities.

The Nuclear Authorization button on Figure 3 is used to enable the deployment of Nukes on selected units that can load them. Unless you have the corresponding global Nuclear Authorization activated on the panel in Figure 1, then this local Nuclear Authorization Icon in Figure 3 will always appear greyed out.

Activating the 'Z' button exempts a unit from the global ROEs.


There are a couple of different settings that you should consider when you decide how you will want your ROE set. How much control do you want the AI to have? How should your units move on the battlefield? Are you going to be using hotspots?

It is very important to me to maintain complete control over all of my units. My ministers are incompetent when faced with war. The settings I like to use were shown above in Figures 1 and 2: In Figure 1, I have settings 'H', 'I' and 'J' set to "Full".

In Figure 2, I have my units set to: locked from minister control, attack only targets, accept auto-load missles and steath mode "Off". You should not leave the stealth mode turned "On" for all future units, since new garrisions will adopt this role too. Button 'T' (Initiative) is set to "High", loss tolerance "Low" and pursue targets.

This will give you full control over your units. They will do everything you will need them to do, and they will attack whatever targets their role dictates, when the targets are within range. When they get damaged to the specified point they will fall back one hex.

The down side to configuring your ROEs this way is that you will not be able to use hotspots and will generally be unable to use auto-transport. Instead you will have to manually load the units and then transport them to their to destination and unload them. But in a war zone I prefer this. It would just annoy me off to have my AI path the transport through enemy territory and get it destroyed with my precious units inside.

But even with the above settings you can still do some of the hotspotting and auto-transporting via individual roles. For instance, say I build 30 new Green Beret units and I want to transport them all to California. With my current ROE settings I would either have to march them down there,would take for ever, or manualy transport them. This would be awkward with 30 of my units spread out all over the area.

So Instead I form a battle-group of transports. I move these transports to the continental U.S. and set their Individual ROE in Figure 3, to "Unlock" minister control. Now my AI can control the transports. I then select the 30 Green Berets, right-click and select the "Air Transport" order. Now my AI-controlled transports will go and pick up the Green Berets and fly them to California.

Another example: I want to help Israel keep its tanks supplied while driving through the Iranian desert. However I don't want to have to continuously command the supply units. So I form a group of 30 transport planes and move them over to an airport near Israel's front lines. I create several supply hotspots in areas where Israel keeps running out of supplies. I then select the individual ROE tab for my group of transport planes and unlock minister control. The AI will now take these planes and start flying sorties to those hotspots that I have created. But because supply hotspots work so poorly, this method is not perfect and still requres a bit of monitoring and moving the hotspots around.

The same thing can be done with attack orders. You might find yourself in a situation where you want the AI to help you with a few units on the front line. You can create a few battle-group of ground units and move them into the area of operations. Then create appropriate attack hotspots and give the AI control of those ground units. Once they complete their task remove the AI's control of them.

I also like to give certian units individual ROE's. For instance I like to place my artillery, supply units, air units, carrier's, and subs in stealth mode since I don't want these units attacked. While assulting a city I might place the older units in stealth mode and the newer units active. Then the newer units with the higher defensive values can take the brunt of the damage instead of my older weaker units.

Other times I may have a battle-group of missle subs armed with anti-fortification missles like the Trident 3. I don't want the AI to fire these missiles, so I will lower the sub's initiative and remove its unit role targets. This way I can launch the missles at my command.

I might also set my fighter planes to only attack other planes so I can exert air superiority over the battle-field.

There are a couple other ways of setting up your ROE settings, depending on how you play. I know "tkobo" likes to have the minister control all his units like in Figure 2, with button 'T' set "High" and buttons, 'H', 'I', 'J' set at "Low". That way hotspots work just fine, but the AI does not take your units and do with them as it pleases.