Newbie Help Kit

From a Paradox Forum Post by Graymane

  1. Select a middle to large country with good potential. Brazil is a good choice.
  2. Going in order of your ministers, Open your production panel. Open the first panel called Production. On the left are all of your resources, go through each one and set them from 100% of capacity to 100% of demand and turn on the little paddlock to block the minister from changing it. For oil, electricity and consumer goods, set the domestic price slider all the way to the right to the max. For food, water and timber, about 20% markup. Click the 3rd panel, exports, and turn off Automated Sales.
  3. Open the research panel and the first button is called research. Set all research to 0. Click the picture of your minister. Three little locks will show up, lock them all.
  4. Open the finance panel. Click the minister's picture and lock all the locks. Click the first tab, social spending. At the bottom are individual buttons. Set health care to 100% and infrastructure to 100%. Make everything else 0% for now. Open the 2nd panel, taxes. You will see an overall slider at the top. Drop all taxes to 5% there.
  5. Open the diplo panel. Click the minister, hit the lock.
  6. Open the operations panel. Click the minister, hit the lock.
  7. Open the defense panel. Click the minister, hit the lock. Hit the second tab, defense condition. Make sure it is defcon 5. Click the 3 military initiative boxes to the right and set them to none. Click the 3rd tab, build summary. Make sure autobuild is disabled on everything.
  8. Open the unit command tab. Click the first button, set initiative to None. Route and Speed to cautious, loss tolerance to low, contact options to engage, speciality settings to opportunity fire and regular approach. Click the 2nd button on the bottom right to apply this to all units and then click the bottom right button to apply it to new builds.

You are now ready to play. If you took my advice and are playing Brazil, work on your diplomacy for awhile. Become friends with the U.S. and Saudi. You do this by opening the diplo panel and selecting the region. Double-click the country and it pulls up the diplo exchange box. Go to treaty list and start working on transit, extradition, labor, free trade and line of sight treaties. Do this with a lot of countries if you want. As you add stuff to the bar below for Brazil, be sure to also add the same thing on the right for the country you are trading with. You will see a bar called Acceptable in the middle. When it is bright green, the trade is good. If it is red, it is bad, if it is olive, it means the AI is going to counter offer you.

Don't waste your time with that, get it green by adding bits of money to your side of the deal.

One you have deals set up, start trading water to the saudis and buying oil from them. Sell the oil to the U.S. You are

working on your relationships now. Every few months, start trying to for full alliance. Eventually you will get there, when you do, do more of the same and you will start making tons of money. Don't bother with a lot of tech trading till then cause you'll get a much better price.

While you are doing that, keep looking at your production tab. Look at stuff that is more demand than you have supplies for.

Start building more of those facilities. If you are Brazil, this is easy as they have resources to become self-sufficient.

Always build large facilities and build them on the brightest red you can find. Also, always build them at existing locations first until all the spots are filled because it is cheaper that way. Also, turn on the supply filter (S) and build on the areas with the most supply.

Now, let the economy run for at least 2 months before making changes. You'll see stuff like domestic approval going down.

Don't sweat it, it is due to your high domestic prices on oil, electricity and consumer goods and because you cut all kinds of social services. Dropping the taxes kept it up somewhat.

Here are the reasons for all the settings:

  • A. Setting all production to demand will limit growth, reduce production costs and keep inflation down. If you look at your expensense and revenue tabs, you will see this directly.
  • B. High domestic prices generate you more profits without increasing inflation. They also help limit demand and keep growth reasonable. They also help reduce operating costs, a VERY big budget item.
  • C. Research is massively expensive. Use your allies to trade techs.
  • D. Social Services are massively expensive. Health care is the main one and infrastructure helps your supply and output, so keep them high. Later on, you will actually max out infrastructure as you prepare for war.
  • E. Low taxes makes your population spend their money. In this game, there is no savings, so they will either spend it on your goods and services or you get it through taxes. You will raise taxes as your inflation goes up and your unemployment goes down. Taxes will be the main way to you fine tune the speed of your economy.
  • F. The rest of the settings basically turns off your military for now. You don't want your ministers building you a huge military and making everyone hate you. You have a low build cap as Brazil, so it is easy to make friends.

When building more resource production facilities, do things in this order:

  • 1. Ag/Water till you are self-sufficient.
  • 2. Coal, Oil, Electricity (use coal plants and maybe nuc) and Metal. These are inputs to other stuff.
  • 3. Industrial Goods.
  • 4. CG and MG.
  • 5. Timber and Uranium as needed.

Don't build more than a few things at once until you get a feel for how much it is costing you. Building stuff costs money and resources, especially things like industrial goods. Once you are self-sufficient at 100% demand on everything, turn everything to 100% capacity and make sure you are self-sufficient there as well. It won't show you everything as the demand for stuff like military goods won't show up till you build something.

To really speed up building, build about 24 engineers and set them all around what you are building. It will speed up building massively. On the other hand, it will still use the same money and resources, so be prepared to double/triple or more what is being spent per day.