Supreme Ruler Cold War FAQ

Q: What is the setting for the Supreme Ruler Cold War campaign?

A: The campaign begins October 8th 1949. The Chinese Civil war has just ended. East Germany is in its opening days. Israel is a few months old as a country. France is still mired in Indochina.

Q: What are the playable areas of the world in Supreme Ruler Cold War?

A: Supreme Ruler Cold War attempts to recreate a reasonable facsimile of to world in 1949 but a few concessions have been made for the sake of gameplay or engine limitations.  For a list of regions, consult the Country Guides.

Q: What is the latest version of Supreme Ruler Cold War?

A: When an update is available, an option will be visible in the main men of the game.  Currently Update 3, Version 7.3.1 is available here (as of Dec. 31, 2012) and is now available in the automatic updating system as well.  The version number is visible in the lower left corner of the game's main menu.

NOTE: Steam have not yet posted the update to their system.  Steam users will see version 7.2.2 until such time as Steam post the update.

Q: I'm seeing some video flicker in game or improperly drawn graphics.  How do I fix this?

A: Some video card drivers do not properly support the graphics features in Microsoft DirectX.  There is a game setting in Options/Graphics labeled "NVidia Driver Workaround".  This has been found to resolve issues with both Nvidia and Intel video cards.  This setting may cause a minor performance issue.  If video drivers are updated, players are encouraged to turn this option off to see if the driver manufacturer has fixed their driver support.

Q: Are there any Tutorials for Supreme Ruler Cold War?

A: There are no in-game tutorials for Supreme Ruler Cold War but there are a series of Video Tutorials hosted on the Paradox YouTube Channel.

Q: How do I take away minister control of units?

A: If you wish to control your military forces entirely on your own, you will need to use the Military Initiative settings in the Defenese Minister panel.  There are separate values for land, air and sea units.  When set to "none" units will still retreat when suppressed and adjust paths for fuel needs but the minister will not issue orders to the units.  Units can be given personal initiative values in the Rules of Engagement which will cause them to act on some nearby issues.  For more details on controlling issues, see the Military Units Tutorial.

Q: My Spies have stopped responding to my commands.  Why is that?

A: In the Rules of Engagement section, players are able to "push" rules out to all units.  One of the options is to "lock units from AI".  Because spies have so much in common with unit, this can be used to lock spies as well, making them unresponsive for espionage missions.  To resolve this, do not use the "lock units from AI" when pushing rules.  Selected units can be locked individually and the entire military can be removed from AI control by using the initative controls in the Defense Minister panel.

Q: Where can I find information regarding unemployment and inflation figures?

A: In the latest version, take a look under finances and hover over the picture with the GDP/c next to it. This will show you the details of unemployment and inflation, as well as several other figures.

Q: I have more questions and don't see an answer here.  Where should I look?

A: If searching the SupremeWiki has not turned up an answer to your question, consider posting the question on the BattleGoat development forums.