Missile Unit Types and Platforms

Missile Types


These are dumb bombs and will not follow a mivng target, they will simply head to the hex that they were aimed at originally, even if the target has moved, providing they are still within their maximum range.


These are missiles that follow a ballistic trajectory to gain a high speed and also to increase range. Types of missiles like this include ICBM's and SCUD. These typically tend to be nuclear armed.


This is a low air missile with a decent attack range whose types include the Kent and the Tommahawk missiles. They can be available to fire from most missile units, although they do have a largish size.

GPS Guided

These are short range AGM type missiles with anti unit uses in mind, rather then attacking infrastructure and can track a unit that is moving.

Launch Platforms

Land Launched Missiles

These are launched from land based units such as the mobile SCUD launcher.

Air Launched Missiles

These can be launched by aircraft with the correct missile sizes and capacity.

Ship Launched Missiles

These are missiles launched by surface vessels.

Sub Launched Missiles

These are missiles that can be launched by submarines.

Silo Launched Missiles

These are missiles launched from silos. Currently only the US and USSR can use these types of missiles as missiles from silos can only be fired via the strategic reserve currently.