Modding Supreme Ruler 2020

Supreme Ruler 2020

This page currently undergoing large changes, please stand by...

Supreme Ruler 2020, like its predecessor, offers a great deal of moddability. As information is made available attempts will be made to catalogue it here.


What Mods Exist?

Various mods for Supreme Ruler 2020 are expected post-release. Find a list here:

[[SR2020 Mods.]]

What Can I Do?

So far you can modify the following areas of the game.

What makes up a Scenario/Campaign for Supreme Ruler 2020?

When creating a Scenario/Campaign for Supreme Ruler 2020 it is made up of many different data files but once completed, a 'cache file' system is used to store all the data. When a Scenario/Campaign is completed only two files are required for playing:

  • a .scenario file containing information on all datafiles that are used in the cache and the details of the cache file itself
  • the cache file which is a .sav file

Generating a new cache can take between 5 minutes and 2 hours depending on the data files being used to create the cache but once completed launching the file takes < 1min.

Creating Cache Files

Scenario Files

Data Files

There are number of data files used when Creating Cache Files for Supreme Ruler 2020, each with different data sets. They are also located in various directories and in some cases tie back to other files. (work in progress, some files not detailed/listed yet)

Comma Delimited Format

Comma Delimited Format or Comma-Separated Values is a spreadsheet file format with a .CSV extension. One can easily read this into excel or modify by hand with notepad. You can also use OpenOffice for creating the .CSV files required.

When exporting to .CSV it is important to assure that your program is using commas to separate the data. Check your .CSV file by opening it with Notepad or some other basic text editor. The lines should look like this;

1,,Conscript,0 Infantry,*,,,-,10,70,0.05,0.10

if your data is in quotation marks or separated by semicolons it will not import correctly.

Fonts and Styles

Supreme Ruler uses custom font pages that are defined by a .font file. Text in game uses a style as defined in the styles.csv file. A style consists of colors for each state that the string object to be and defines the font sheet to be used.

Other Files