SR2010 - TBG: Diplomacy and Belli

This article is part of the Total Beginner Guide, a series to introduce you to the game.

Diplomacy and Belli will cover how to best interact with neighbors, why they probably hate you, what to know about the World Market, and so on.


Region Relations

The attitudes of all Regions in relation to each other

How to Measure Regional Relations

How to Change Regional Relations

For the Positive

  • Reduce build capacity by deactivating or scrapping Military bases
  • Avoid placing bases or military units near borders
  • Avoid the research, construction, and use of NBC weapons
  • Make diplomatic arrangements, even if they don't favor your nation. The more numerous and generous your deals are the quicker relations will improve.
    • Start with diplomatic arrangements of lesser importance like Embassy and Criminal Extradition before attempting to sign more valuable agreements such as Full Alliances and Mutual Defense treaties
    • Seek peace with all regions
    • Honor all diplomatic deals
  • Maintain good World Market relations
  • Maintain high levels of Domestic Approval and funding for [[Social Services]]
  • Keep inflation and Domestic markup low and a high GDP/c
  • Researching technologies such as some environmentally friendly alternatives to power production

For the Negative

  • Declaring war without proper justification
  • Declaring war on a nation's allies
  • Researching controversial technologies
  • Trade Embargos

The Effects of Regional Relations

  • If a unification vote is being held regional relationships will have a serious influence on their final outcomes
  • The requirements for diplomatic deals will vary
  • The chance of an opposing nation surrendering increases
  • The level of threats will change (i.e. mutual defensive pacts)
    • This can alter spending
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