Many missiles in Supreme Ruler are treated as units in their own rights. The reason for this is that some units’ ability to survive missile attacks is based less on their own defense and attack capabilities than on the units that support it. The general rule applied is that if a missile is likely to be engaged in flight, either by ballistic or missile counter fire, then it is treated as a unit. By this rule air to air missiles are part of the attack values of the aircraft but most anti ship missiles are their own type of units.

Some of the concepts related to the missile unit system;

Missile Points Capacity

All units able to fire missiles modeled as units have an assigned missile points capacity. This capacity is assigned "per squad" or "per vehicle". For land units this means a battalion of 18 squads and a capacity of 6 would be able to carry up to 108 points worth of missiles. As an example this could be 54 missiles of 2 points each. A battalion can never use a missile that is larger than what a single squad can use. In this example, a missile larger than 6 points in size would not be able to be deployed to this battalion. Ships and Submarines are limited to missiles of 10% of their total missile capacity. A ship with a capacity of 60 points could use missiles up to 6 points in size.

Missile Launch Types

Missiles can be launched according to one of five platforms;

Land launched - Air launched - Ship launched - Sub launched - Silo launched

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Weapons of Mass Destruction in Supreme Ruler are offered as nuclear missiles of various sizes. Firing weapons of mass destruction requires setting a rule of engagment which allows the use of nuclear weapons.