SR-CW Income/Expense Report

Note: This article references the interface introduced in version 7.3.1 for the Treasury department

In Supreme Ruler, a players treasury is constantly changing.  The treasury department allows the player to track when the money has come from and where it is going.  The most recent interface separates the information by department so players know where to look when making adjustments.

Financial information in the game is presented in either "Daily" figures or "Annual" figures as selected by the player.  The control to toggle the view is found in the top left of the user interface;

 Figures shown are daily values

 Figures shown are annual figures

When attempting to reconcile income and expense values, players should use daily figures since trade values are never shown annually.

Income Report

The income report shows players where money is coming from.  There are two primary sources of income; Taxation and Domestic Sales.

By holding over the department icon, players can see a breakdown of department income where applicable.

Expense Report

The expense report tells players where their money is being spent.  Some of the first areas players may chose to cut spending are Social Services and Research.

By holding over the department icon, players can see a breakdown of department expenses where applicable.


The sum total of income and expenses is expressed as the surplus/deficit.  A positive value represents a surplus while a negative value denotes a deficit.

In a situation of a zero trade balance, a player with a surplus will see their treasury increase while a player in a deficit situation will see their treasury decrease.  The only ways to improve the surplus/deficit values are to either increase income or decrease expenses.  A deficit can however be offset with a sufficient trade balance.  The change to a player's treasury at the beginning of a day should be equal to the Surplus/Deficit added to the trade balance.  If a diplomatic offer is negotiated or a bond issued during the day, this will not be reflected in the Treasury department values.