Modding Guide - Modifying SR2020 savegame settings

In SR202 a "cache" file is the original game file that the game uses to start a new Campaign or Scenerio. Cache files are stored in the folder "CacheGC" (for the Global crisis version of SR2020) and their filenames end with the extension ".sav".

A "savegame" is a cache file that has been played and then saved. It too has a ".sav" file extension.

Both types of files have the same structure and can be used inter-changeably.

The SR2020 "Sandbox" is the starting screen ("SupremeRuler2020GC/Single Player/Campaign") where the user selects a Campaign, selects its game settings and then launches a new game. For this example we will assume that you are beginning or are already playing the Global Crisis "World 2020" campaign.

If you are already playing a campaign/game then SR2020 can be "fooled" into using your game-in-progress savegame file as a cache file. Why would you do this?

In order to change the savegame's game settings or to or amplify (or reduce) the effects of these settings in the game-in-progress.

To make the world more war-like and to reduce the diplomatic penalty against you for DOW'ing other regions, you set:

  • Diplomatic Difficulty = Very Low
  • Hot Relations = Very High
  • Approval Effects = High
  • Critical UN = True

To make a happy, snuggly world where everybody loves you and where the UN and the World will sanction you for each DOW, you set:

  • Diplomatic Difficulty = Very Low
  • Hot Relations = Low
  • Approval Effects = High
  • Critical UN = True

This second option can also be used to salvage you region's reputation. Nothing however will get your UN membership back once you lose it.

Modifying the Initial game settings of a game in progress can be accomplished by replacing your Campaign's cache file with your savegame file and then restarting the game through the "Sandbox". This can be accomplished as follows:

1. Copy your savegame file from your "Savegame" folder to the "CacheGC" cache folder.

2. In the cache folder back-up the original cache file that corresponds to your game-in-progress by renaming it to some neutral name, i.e. rename file "World 2020.sav" to "World 2020.sav.bak".

3. Change the name of your savegame file to that of the cache file, i.e. rename file "Mysavegame.sav" to "World 2020.sav".

4. Start the game in the "Sandbox"

5. Choose the "World 2020" Campaign.

Once you do this you will actually be selecting your own game-in-progress and you can modify its current game settings before re-starting it.

If you perform this process repeatedly it will amplify the effects of whatever non-neutral settings that you select.

The following batch file can be used to perform the file substitution process for you.

WARNING - This will delete your original Campaign cache file unless you back it up by changing its name. Name the batch file is REPEAT.BAT:

del "World 2020.sav"

copy ..\savegame\test-gc.sav .

rename test-gc.sav "World 2020.SAV"


Notice the period '.' at the end of the "copy" command on the second command line - it is important.

These commands will first delete the existing "World 2020.sav" cache file. It will then copy a file named "Test-gc.sav" from the SR2020 "Savegame" folder and copy it to the CacheGC folder. It will then rename the "Test-GC.sav" file to "World 2020.sav", which mimics the original cache file. It then automatically starts the game.

If your Campaign is other than "World 2020" then you must edit the commmand text, substiting the correct name of your own SR2020 Campaign.

Copy the four command lines above and paste them into the Notepad text editor. Save this new file under the name "Repeat.bat" into your "CacheGC" folder, using the Notepad "*.*" option, not the "*.txt" extension option.

Before running this script from the "CacheGC" folder, save your current game under the name "test". SR2020 will save the game under the name "test-gc.sav" and you will be good to go.