Diplomatic offers Explained

Diplomatic offers

A nation has a number of diplomatic treaty's available to it and this page will explain what they mean and do. All of the treaties give a bonus to relations between the two nations, however some give a larger boost than others. Any relation boosts are one time boosts. All the Transit Treaties allow proxy war's to be fought with that type of unit, by the nations who sign.

All treaties MUST be signed as a two way agreement for the AI to consider accepting. Unless the AI is a colony of the offering nation or unless the offering nation offers a one way treaty without any requirements. I.e. If the UK (Player) offers Full Transit to Slovakia without asking for Full Transit in return.

  • Embassy - The most basic treaty recognizing the sovereignty of the other nation. Provides a relationship boost.
  • Criminal Extradition - Provides a relationship boost.
  • Land Transit and Supply Treaty - This allows you to send units into and across their territory. It also allows them to keep in supply so they do not run of of fuel or supplies whilst doing this.
  • Sea Transit and Supply Treaty - This allows the nation to send ships through its waters and resupply them there. All nations start the game with this treaty with Egypt (Suez canal) and Turkey (Daradnelles) so that you are able to use there waterways to take shortcuts.
  • Air Transit treaty - This allows you to fly air units over their territory, as well as using their airports/airbases to refuel or base your planes.
  • Full Transit Treaty - Just a compilation of the three transit treaties.
  • Line of Sight Treaty - This allows both of you to see what each others units are seeing.
  • Free Trade - Increases your relationship with the nation you sign with. Also increases your UN rating. Provides a Minor economic Benefit.
  • Free Flow of Labour Force - Provides a Minor economic Benefit.
  • Missile Defence Treaty - As of Supreme Ruler: Cold War this treaty only increases relations between the two nations that sign this treaty. Best used as a stepping stone to other treaties.
  • Mutual defence treaty - Creates an agreement between the two nations that if one is attacked then the other will come to its defence. Does not actually force the player into war, just provides Casus Beli against the invader and causes a loss in relations if this treaty is ignored. Works well to dissuade nations from declaring war on the signatories. **This is the treaty that allows Proxy wars.. with a mutual defense and the proper Transit treaties Proxy war is possible. The treaty works in both aggressive and defensive wars**
  • Non-Aggression Pact - A formal agreement that neither nation will attack the other. Breaking this causes a large loss of relations internationally.
  • Formal Alliance - A compilation of the following treaties - Embassy, Full transit, Non-Aggression, Line of Sight and Mutual defense.