FAQ - Supreme Ruler 2020


  1. Q: I purchased a boxed copy of SR2020 - where is the CD Key located?
  2. Q: What is the current version of the game? How do I update?
  3. Q: I have purchased SR2020 but after playing only a short time I get a popup box in the game that says I am playing a "Demo Version". How do I fix this?
  4. Q: I have purchased a boxed copy, running Windows Vista, and after I insert the CD and/or start the SETUP the installer doesn't start up. How can I get it installed?
  5. Q: I have purchased the German language version of SR2020, and upon starting it asks me for my CD Key again and won't accept it.
  6. Q: I've installed SR2020 and my Tutorials do not work. How can I fix this?
  7. Q: I've installed SR2020: Gold Edition and am only seeing white rectangles on the main menu; how can I fix this?
  8. Q: When the game starts up I don't see a mouse cursor showing, but when I move the mouse the menu items still highlight when I pass over them.
  9. Q: I picked a game video resolution that my monitor doesn't support; how can I set it back?
  10. Q: Is it possible to switch between English and German in SR2020?
  11. Q: If I purchase from GamersGate, can I make a backup of the installer?
  12. Q: I purchased Supreme Ruler 2020 on Steam. The manual also talks about features available in the Global Crisis Expansion Pack. Is this Expansion Pack available to Steam users?
  13. Q: How do I register with the Paradox Forum For Supreme Ruler 2020 ?


  1. Q: What are the differences between the original version, Global Crisis, and the Gold Edition?
  2. Q: I've just updated from an earlier version and I can no longer find my Saved Games - where are they?
  3. Q: What is the player's goal in the game?
  4. Q: Does the storyline continue from the previous game?
  5. Q: Can I play from any country of the world?
  6. Q: Are there differences between the manual and the game?
  7. Q: Are there Missile Silos and ICBMs in the game?
  8. Q: Will the AI attack me if I sit back in an island region like the United Kingdom?
  9. Q: Why does country X not produce what it does in the real world?
  10. Q: How Do Spy Missions work?
  11. Q: How Do Minister Priorities work? Do they all have an effect?
  12. Q:Can I set Rally Points for Units?
  13. Q:I got kicked out of the UN, how do I get back in?

​Advanced Topics

  1. Q: How does resupply (fuel and ammo) work in detail?
  2. Q: What is the difference between Unmounted, Wheeled, Tracked, etc.?
  3. Q: How does Unit Trading work?